UDog  came about when a group of professionals who shared a strong love for their dogs, (because they’re family, duh!) but also a passion for their day job with long hours, didn’t give them enough time to provide their pooch with the life they deserve.


As crazy dog lovers, not being able to provide their pups with a healthy lifestyle, which includes maintaining a healthy weight with daily exercise, drove these individuals mad (almost as close to the Mad Hatter; yikes)!


The idea about developing an on demand dog walking mobile app and an online portal that would facilitate users to have their dogs walked at anytime, anywhere, for whatever reason needed, became immediately attractive and was brought to life. What's not to like?


Our main vision is to integrate all the services dogs need in a product that is easy to use, immediate, and with or without having to plan in advance. Talk about convenience!


We understand the role that every dog occupies in each family, that's why our dog walkers go through a very strict recruiting process, as well as making sure that they are just as obsessed as we are with all canines!


With UDog, there are no sad puppy faces here. Just tail-wagging, street-sniffing, and fun NYC sight-seeing dog walks!

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Contact us: (917) 868-8542