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What is UDog?

UDog is an on-demand dog walking service, which provides dog owners the convenience of booking a walk for their pets when needed through our mobile app and web portal. 


Why should I use UDog’s services?

UDog provides real, on-demand dog walking services through our easy to use mobile app. We carefully hand pick our dog walkers, ensuring they are screened, properly trained, and have had hands-on experience with dogs of all breeds and sizes. We also want you to know who is walking your dog, that’s why our dog walker profile videos are always available! 


Where do you provide services?

We currently offer services in New York City and Miami. However, we are eager to expand to multiple cities across the U.S. Keep an eye out, your city might be next!


What makes your services different?
What makes UDog special is that you have the option to view and select a walker from our amazing team of certified dog walkers. We also provide you with the convenience of selecting a pick-up and drop-off location. Additionally, you’re able to request a walk immediately; a truly on-demand service!


Are your services really on-demand?
Yes! Active dog walkers near you will be visible. Allowing you to request a walk with a selected walker immediately.


Am I able to meet my UDog walker beforehand?
Most definitely! You can always schedule a cyber meet & greet with one of our dog walkers. And if you’re in a hurry, our certified UDog walker profile videos are available to you at all times, where you can virtually meet them without a fuss!


Can I provide special requests?
Of course! When you’re booking your walk, you can add any special needs or requests that your furry friend requires! Special requests can also be made throughout the walk by communicating with your UDog walker via the app.


Are your walkers certified? Do you do screenings?
We carefully hand pick our walkers based on credibility, experience, and trust. Our walkers then go through an intense face-to-face hiring and training process, where we make sure each dog walker is prepared to provide high quality service for your pet.



Do you do pack walks?

The only time we ever do walks with more than one dog is only if the client has multiple dogs themselves and requests that they are to be walked together. Otherwise, walkers will never walk more than one dog at a time. This way, we make sure that every dog gets the undivided attention needed.


I want to join the team! How do I become a UDog walker?
Great- We're always welcoming fresh, new faces to the team!

If you’re interested in becoming a dog walker, apply here.


Don’t see your question here? Contact us at: or call (917) 868-8542 for further assistance.

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