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9 Dogs That Forgot They Were Dogs

October 18, 2017

Many dog owners often see their dogs as a member of the family. They shower them with love, affection, and provide them with the utmost care. Some dog owners may go to certain lengths to show their pup that they are truly part of the family by referring to them as their child, buying them cute little outfits, sometimes tempted to feed them human food, or even buying their little ones their very own stroller. According to several animal behavior researchers, dogs often take on several personality traits that their owners have. However, some dogs may go beyond picking up their owners personality traits and begin to embody them, literally.


These 9 dogs show us that they truly live by the words, the longer you’re around someone, you start to become them.



1. This dog is taking it to an extreme by pulling a 9 to 5... He'll regret it later.


































2. Norman officially sets a Guinness World Record! Something that some people may long for.





























3. Don’t mind her, she’s just unwinding after a ruff day


































4. Road rage at its finest






























5. This is the guy your girl told you not to worry about