The Fabulous Life of Celeb K-9’s

October 20, 2017

For this post we decided to combine two of our favorite topics, celebs and of course dogs! Everyone loves celebs, but we are obsessed with their pooches!


I mean think about it, who wouldn’t want to be a four-legged friend of a VIP surrounded by beautiful and rich people, spoiled out of our mind and living a glamorous life, am I right?


But, we can’t help but wonder if these celebrity owned dogs know exactly who they hang out with on a daily basis. They have to find it somewhat strange that every time they use the restroom there’s pup-arazzi always hanging around. Regardless, this is the kind of celebrity news we enjoy! Here are some examples of the royal treatment they receive! 



1. Join @mirandakerr with supermodels Teddy and Edwin






















2. We'll take a frenchie with a side of @nick_bateman , thanks! 























3. @demilovato can every interview be conducted like this?






















4. That side profile of @liamhemsworth dog is fierce!