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5 Tips for Pet Safety This 4th Of July

June 29, 2018

Fourth of July is around the corner and like many Americans, you may be planning special activities to celebrate the big day! Whether you are honoring Independence Day by hosting a social gathering at home or going out to watch a firework display, a top priority should always be your pets safety.


July 5th is one of the busiest times of the year for animal control and pet shelters. This is the result of dogs being scared from the noise and flashes fireworks produce. It is common for dogs to be anxious and terrified when hearing loud bangs. Here are fives ways to keep your beloved dog safe during this summer holiday.



1.  Keep Your Dog Indoors

Being outside during the fireworks, might cause your dog to panic and try to run away to find safety. If you know your dog is terrified of fireworks, create a calming environment indoors for your dog. Try playing relaxing background music to help drown out the fireworks.


2. Never Use Fireworks Around Dogs

Active fireworks can endanger curious dogs by potentially causing burns or other severe injuries to your dog. Along with fireworks, lighter fluids and matches are harmful to pets. Chlorate may be found in matches that can be toxic for your pet if consumed. 


3. Don’t Give Your Pet Barbecue Food

The cute puppy face might make you tempted to give your furry friend a snack, but certain foods can be a threat to your dog’s health. A change in a dogs diet can cause an upset stomach. Harmful Foods For Dogs: Chocolate, onions, avocado, grapes and raisins. If you have any concerns on your dog’s food consumption, reach out to ASPCA animal poison control center at (888)-426-4435.


4. Don’t Spray Your Dog With Insect Repellent

Unless the repellent is specifically made for dogs, the insect repellent products intended for humans can cause the dog to have skin irritation and become physically ill. If you are wearing insect repellent, do not let your dog lick your skin. 


5. Properly ID Your Animal

Having proper identification for your dog, such as a name tag with a phone number or a microchip is important in case of any emergencies. If your dog gets loose during the festivities, you will have a better chance of finding your lost friend.


Remember to keep these tips in mind when you are planning your events for the upcoming holiday. You do not want your pet to be apart of the percentage of lost and injured pets. Excluding your furry friends from this holiday is the best way to keep them safe while you enjoy the entertainment. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!
















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