Thinking About Getting a Dog? Here's Why You Should

August 17, 2018


Woof! Woof! Who is it? It’s your friendly neighborhood retriever, Rufus Woofman! Sick of that tagline? Well, I’m not. And I’m back to tell you something important, more important even than any of the excellent tips I gave you in my previous blog posts. I’m talking about why you should get a dog, and why dogs like me are incredible. This blog post is for those who always liked dogs, but never actually bothered to go get one themselves, or were afraid of the effort it took. This is for those sitting on the fence about whether they want a dog or not. And of course, it is also for all the dog owners out there who will want to read this blog just to remind themselves how wonderful their canine companions really are.


Now, don’t get me wrong, being a dog owner takes time, and also money. The financial commitment is not anywhere close to the point of taking care of a human child, but your dog has another mouth you’ll need to feed and hydrate. You need to be willing to put in the effort to take care of your dog, especially when he or she is a little puppy peeing all the time and endlessly barking at and nibbling on your friends and family. (Not that I did that much, I was a good puppy, ask Mama Woofman) But if you think you can handle that, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a puppy or adopting a shelter dog. Need more convincing? Well, here are five of the many reasons why you should get a dog. And why dogs make the best pets, of course.


1. Dogs Are Great For Your Health

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No, I’m not just talking about how dogs can make you happy, or relieve stress. (Which they do) Many studies have proven that dogs can literally be very beneficial to your physical well-being. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between cardiovascular health and owning dogs in adults. Dogs can also improve your immune systems. Yes, really. Kids that own dogs have been scientifically linked to better immune systems, and quicker recoveries from illnesses.


2. Dogs Are Great For Your Mental Health

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There is a reason why therapy dogs are increasing in popularity, and dogs have been given to vets with PTSD as a way of helping to relieve their stress. Dogs make you happy! Dogs make excellent companions when you need them, and it has been proven that they reduce feelings of social isolation, especially among younger people. Dogs have been linked to a reduction of anxiety, pain, and depression, among other mental health issues. When you are feeling down, there is nothing like a furry friend to help pick you up.


3. Dogs Make You More Active and Confident

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A reason as to why dogs might improve physical health so much is because they make you get up and move. Walking your dog might not seem like the most strenuous exercise, but just taking your dog on a walk around the block twice a day can be very beneficial to your health. However, dogs aren’t just good for your health, they will have lots and lots of fun with you if you are good to them. You can play with them outside, play sports with them, and just bring them to spice up any activity. Strangers and friends might point out your dog and talk to you more because of him or her. Your dog could even get you a date! Studies have shown that dogs are linked to increasing confidence in your daily lives in general. 


4. Dogs Are Great Companions For Kids

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Some say that dogs are a lot like kids. I don’t know, I might be a bit more sophisticated than your average canine, but I still tend to get along very well with human kids too. (Except you, Ralph. You know who you are.) As I’ve said earlier, dogs can help kids be more resis